The New Day Lynching: Guns Used To Execute Blacks…A Mother’s Cry

“The New Day Lynching: Guns Used To Execute Blacks…A Mother’s Cry” is an upcoming novel that will include true stories from mothers who are silently but strategically crying out by continuing in their “good spirit” works of community service and educational empowerment forward to other parents despite their suffering of losing a child to gun violence, children being arrested in public schools violating their child’s civil rights, and other issues plaguing inner city families.

These mothers will visit “GOOD SPIRIT CAFE” by Reba LaMaestra and continue to pour into the broken and ailing hearts of others who aim to persevere and have a purposeful life. These mothers are a prime example of “Exercising Purpose Through Pain” and we’ll get a chance to take a glimpse into the hearts of these resilient women and learn from them as they impart Godly Wisdom and service to others.

Published by rebalamaestra

I am offering an opportunity to you for self empowerment and a chance to develop and grow in order to broaden your horizons and market your skills and talent for guaranteed success!! I have serviced organizations such as the Youth Connection (An Illinois Teen Reach Program), New Foundation of Hope, faith based institutions and several programs within the Chicago Public Schools as a Contracted Consultant. As a consultant I train parents and community residents of Chicago Public School students to teach their children and youth skills such as English Literacy, Spanish as a Second Language, Violence Prevention/Intervention Solutions in order to empower the youth of our future so to enable them to grow up to become productive and responsible adults who will contribute great things to the world.. By educating the adults in our youths' lives I am also able to empower them with the tools to Bridge the Generational Divide, Bridge the Digital Divide and Bridge the Cultural Divide among individual communities in many diverse communities within the City of Chicago. The foundation of my purpose in creating my programs of instruction is to empower you to empower others starting with the youth around you thus giving them the tools necessary to explore the world without fear. In my courses I help you to overcome fear barriers to learning a second language or practicing advanced strategies to communicate your native language effectively. I look forward to working with you as your Life Learning Coach as you embark on gaining excellent language communication skills!! Te amo.

8 thoughts on “The New Day Lynching: Guns Used To Execute Blacks…A Mother’s Cry

  1. TEACHABLE MOMENTS with Reba La Maestra.~~~Amazing heart shared with youth…”We’re in a war”. This is what our youth battling in the streets are lacking daily in most cases. I was with a group of coaches who seemed to be interested in helping to prevent further violence in Chicago recently who just don’t get it. They don’t realize that the same “pep talks” that they give to the players on the teams that they coach need to be shared with the youth in the ‘HOOD”…I warned them several times though during planning meetings for a parade to at least let the young people in the community know that they we were coming there to “hear their cry” and to see “what help looks like to them” but no fliers or knocking on doors occurred. Besides, what do I know….I’m just a black woman! (I would need to be white with a PhD and a wealth of studies commenced in order to know what I’m talking about it seems.) Well, as expected a situation did occur seemingly unfavorable…Take a deeper look here.

    Thank God that nothing terrible jumped off but a bottle was thrown into the crowd of parade marchers intended for one of the youth who was blessed to be on a team with positive black male leadership but knew the attacker from another conflict in the community. One of the ministers in the coach group admitted that when they paused the parade to address the bottle throwing situation peacefully and spoke with the youth in that neighborhood that when asked how they could be helped stated: “We just want something to eat, we’re hungry”…They told the youth in the neighborhood that the athletes marching with them were under their leadership and didn’t want any beef with them even though some earlier conflicts had previously been going on which is why the bottle was thrown into the crowd in the first place.

    They spent time planning a big dinner for the youth, fed them well, had a great time and yet still don’t realize that at the end of the day our youth still have to face things daily that those who have coaches and positive role models that they can get guidance have access to but they don’t.

    Unfortunately, many parents aren’t taking advantage of the free programs offered by the Park Districts, etc. and still some are not even affordable!! I tried to get the coaches to realize that the issues start in schools with little to no adult intervention and it is now especially a worsening situation that results in youth becoming even more violent after school because the conflicts in school were not handled by the adults there properly. The police in schools are only making things worse as you can see…the adults who are being paid should do their jobs and coaches, parents, teachers, school administrators should reach out to the youth who are not on teams and involved in activities. Maybe this will draw them in and encourage them to redirect their energies instead of taking things out on other youth in schools due to the horrible situations that they face at home. Many youth are arrested by these police in schools and never any attempt at helping youth to learn to look past their grave situations at home and learn to get along so that they can get along and let other youth who are being reared properly get their education and get theirs too!!

    We need to stop complaining about what’s going on in these households if you are not willing to say something or to help to encourage a better behavior for these parents who are neglectful. The youth who the police arrest in schools who don’t start the conflicts are also arrested and treated like criminals.

    Children in schools should not be arrested but treated like children and I am a witness that youth will cease the violence as was my experience last year teaching Spanish full time. I listened to the concerns but consistently encouraged them to get work done and had no fights in my classroom among my students. It can be done if we just treat the youth as individuals who have souls and desires and let the police do what needs to be done on the streets instead of getting paid millions of dollars in contracts with CPS just to incriminate our children…No longer can we allow this conditioning of our youth in the schools which is what pours out into the community. Youth want guidance and will gladly receive it if they are not looked at in a negative light and treated as if they are valued…te amo!

  2. You’re an amazing man of God and I appreciate your work in the community. We can do bigger and better things this next school year!! Visit Chime4Peace for Summer Programming!!

    Toxic Food, Toxic Friends: How To Replace What’s Killing You and Extend Your Life! Listen Friday July 17, 7am-9am CST to Call in 347-539-5639.

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