Spanish Student Activities: Los estudiantes son muy inteligentes!!


This is an elementary student who lives in Rockford, Illinois. S.W. took immediate interest when I inboxed a message to Her to relay to her madre. Her madre is my younger cousin and I am super proud of how She has groomed Her children for the continual life learning process and a successful life!!

I appreciate you for following in my footsteps!! lol As my younger prima I was able to set a good example of the love of learning and Her madre, mi tia made Her academic success possible by creating an atmosphere of learning at home.

I recall seeing an atmosphere a mi aunt’s house that resembled a daycare or children’s learning center.

Mi tia was a young madre and things were muy dificil at times pero I am a witness that with amor y support from family and others who care along with self perseverance it can make all the difference in the world!!… Te amo!

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Temporary Agency Job Search Tips!!

When searching for a new job or career it is essential to continue to build job skills while on your journey to find the right match.  One way to “get your feet wet” with companies and to try them out is “temping” or seeking a temporary placement in order to continue to bring in income during this time.  “Temping” is an urban term used when inner city job seekers don’t want to admit that they haven’t “found anything yet”.  The upside to “temping” though is the aforementioned as well as many other “perks” or job benefits.


>>>You can let the agency know “when you want to work” and days “not available for work” with no penalty such as being “fired”.



>>>If you are working full-time you are eligible for “vacation pay” just like any other regular job. In this scenario, since you will be working full-time at 40 hours per week or so it is a regular job although not permanent as of yet. IN MANY CASES WHEN TAKING A FULL-TIME POSITION THE EMPLOYER (not the agency) MAY CONSIDER KEEPING YOU “ON BOARD” PERMANENTLY BASED ON YOUR PERFORMANCE WHILE “TEMPING”.  This is called a “temp-to-hire” position.

>>>You can work part-time for the agency and work from home with a home based business while spending some quality time with the “little ones” and manage your household duties.

>>>You can register for more than one agency at a time and be “in demand” choosing which assignment that you will take and with what agency you’d like to work for at that time.

>>>Flexibility and Job Choice from around the nation with most temporary agencies but DO NOT confuse these types of temporary service agencies with Employment Agencies or Employment Services which usually charge a fee for their services.


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