Adults Join The “C.H.I.M.E BIZ” TEAM!! (Cultural History Immersion Modeling in Entrepreneurship, Entertainment & Educational Endeavors). Support youth violence prevention and intervention!! See how when we show youth how to strategically redirect their energy into areas where they learn to prosper spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and financially they have NO TIME FOR VIOLENCE OR HATERISM!!

Chime Youth Biz Network members are encouraged to seek out role models from our screened and thoroughly interviewed adult professionals who will sponsor their internship or temporary on-the-job training and benefit from the expertise of the professional while learning how to successfully promote, market and increase the revenue of an ACTUAL REAL BUSINESS prior to launching their own careers or at least in the beginning phases for guaranteed success. Business owners, Educators and Entrepreneurs will benefit from having youth to work with them to build their businesses while giving back to the community thus the Urban Community Metropolis or U.C.M. is then established!!

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