Spanish Student Activities: Los estudiantes son muy inteligentes!!


This is an elementary student who lives in Rockford, Illinois. S.W. took immediate interest when I inboxed a message to Her to relay to her madre. Her madre is my younger cousin and I am super proud of how She has groomed Her children for the continual life learning process and a successful life!!

I appreciate you for following in my footsteps!! lol As my younger prima I was able to set a good example of the love of learning and Her madre, mi tia made Her academic success possible by creating an atmosphere of learning at home.

I recall seeing an atmosphere a mi aunt’s house that resembled a daycare or children’s learning center.

Mi tia was a young madre and things were muy dificil at times pero I am a witness that with amor y support from family and others who care along with self perseverance it can make all the difference in the world!!… Te amo!

Posted by Reba LaMaestra!!

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