Hey guys!! Our GoFundMe Campaign is here!!

Please donate and spread the word!!


Hello Chime4Peace friends!!

Stop by our newest center collaborate at Transcending Youth Into Greatness (TYIG) located at 2339 W. Marquette Road on tomorrow and join in the fun learning activities!! First things first…please donate at least $1.00 to our cause and this will help keep our doors open and even more if you’ll be a founding donor for the Bronzeville BLAC Center & Gardens. We can meet our goals if you spread the word and get your friends to donate too!! Every dollar counts…Also, continue to save your 2 liter plastic bottles for our Bronzeville Chime Greenhouse Project as part of Phase 1 for the fundraising activities…te amo! Please save your 2 liter plastic bottles and bring them to the center…WE NEED 1,500 APPROXIMATELY FOR THE FIRST MODEL…te amo!

Coming Soon…

ChimeHouse!!…our series of “CPS Alumni: Rock The School House & Chime4Peace” Dance Party Marathon Fundraisers!!

The model in the top left corner is the first one that we are constructing so keep collecting and drop them off at the TYIG Center at 2339 W. Marquette Rd. from 9-6 pm and ask for Mama Reba The model in the…

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