Thanks again for your prayers for our youth.

Sometimes the things that many people won’t forgive has very little to do with them personally if at all but they are just a simple factor in the process of God’s purpose in the message. It’s better to remove oneself out of the way of confusion in order to not only be at peace but also see God and continue to walk in His purpose. In Chicago and across the nation there are a great deal of leaders that are confused about how to resolve our issues and that’s why you see all of the running around marching and protesting instead of simply slowing down, reaching for God and seeing His purpose in our individual lives ushering the lost into His fold. I refuse to see idiodicy and not call it like it is no matter who it is and I won’t apologize for it.

We are accountable to one another in this sense as well from the religious masses to the city leaders.  God will not continue to allow people who claim to walk in His way to just do things because it looks good and live a lie but He is quickly showing the results of foolish behavior. Foolery and its benefits are temporary. I thank God for your ministry and appreciate how you are letting God use you…Be careful of hasty decisions out of desperation or simple temptations. Stay faithful in God…Grace and Peace. Zechariah 1:1-6 & 14-17 (Referenced)