$tep #1-Join the C.H.I.M.E4PEACE movementmovement and enjoy a variety of member perks such as Reba La Maestra’s *guaranteed Spanish Language Acquisition Training. Join now  @ http://www.chime4peace.wordpress.com and connect with apsiring youth entrepreneurs who will help build your brand/business through our membership based model process.

$tep #2- Identify at least three black & latino youth to be apprentices to your business practice.

$tep# 3- Please locate at least three black businesses to do business with on “Buy Black Friday” to be held on Friday, November 26, 2016.

Check out our previous events and participation activities such as the one shown below on our C4P Youthpreneur Development Academy website @ http://www.chime4peace.wordpress.com!!


Special incentives for donations!! Mary Kay Gift Cards, Reba La Maestra Spanish Class gift certificates, Lil Johnnie Ministries’ Building Blocks for Hope Literacy & Conflict Resolution Gift Certificates, Commemorate Muhammad Ali and Prince t-shirts and more!!

Request to be a Black Business Guest during the live broadcast!! Call 773-236-CPS1 (2771) and leave a message for Ms Montgomery now!!

A portion of the proceeds will support The Chime4Peace Café which helps to prevent further violence among youth by teaching entrepreneurship and accountability!! Visit our youth website @ http://www.chime4peace.wordpress.com!!