NIA, FHA & LBP~Homework Blog Page: Las Clases de español I & II…Spanish Classes I & II~ Su tarea!! Homework!!


Hola!! Kelyn and I made the mistake of not adding the article “la”. Me gustarian IR a la practical de hockey



Message from Mama Reba (Sra. Boose-Brown)…Click here:

Spanish II Students:

Realidades Level 2-

Tema 1:

Tu día escolar

REMINDER: As of 2/13/18- Online Homework Due Today!! @

Step 1: Click on the following blue link under the two purple boxes when you scroll down: “Companion Textbook Website” @ (Blue Book: Click on words “Level 2” under the Realidades 2 Book Icon):

Step 2: Right Click and forward send, screenshot, or send a picture message of each completed activity to the Homework Blog Page @ of your BEST results after you submit your answers online in the activities. (Feel free to “Try Again” if answer results points are low as this will affect your grade for the assignment.)

Step 3: Post a comment in the reply section with your submission and register your post to be placed in our class database but DO NOT REGISTER FOR A WEBSITE ACCOUNT by entering credit or debit card information!!

NOTE: Credit card information is NEVER to be entered if asked and it means that you are being asked to sign up for a WordPress account. Exit and go directly to the NIA, FHA & LBP blog page @ where you will post pictures of your homework activity results and leave comments. (Required for completion grades in Gradebook)

Homework: Realidades 2 Ch1B- Activities 1 & 2 (Page 47)

ENTER ACTIVITY CODE: jdd-0112 for Vocabulary Practice

Interpretation Practice: Audio Activities Ch 1B- 1 & 2 jdd-0197 Take good NOTES and submit with your homework.


Interpretation Practice: Audio Activities 1 & 2 jdd-0197 with Notes


Spanish II Students…

Homework Reminder: Realidades 2 Digital Companion Textbook- CH 1A Activities 1 & 2

Vocabulary Practice: Online Code jdd-0102.- Due today!! 12 de febrero de 2018

Interpretation Practice: Audio Activities Ch 1A- Activities 1 & 2…

ENTER CODE: jdd-0187

Take good notes on audios 1 & 2 and turn in to me with proof of online vocabulary activities completed for your homework grade.

Entregar su tarea!! Turn in your homework and keep your “A” status!!

3 thoughts on “NIA, FHA & LBP~Homework Blog Page: Las Clases de español I & II…Spanish Classes I & II~ Su tarea!! Homework!!

  1. Mama Reba! Hola! So, I followed all instructions BUT I can’t get to the Realidades things!
    Even the audio part I couldn’t get.
    I found 1 thing, UNO, and it just showed me the cover of Realidades books.
    I’ve searched multiple times. I can’t seem to find it!
    Please send me some links that can take me directly to the website(s).
    Than you very much if you do so! Muchas Gracias.
    I may get going very soon.
    I’ve copied down the notes though! 🙂

    1. De nada mi hija. You’re welcome daughter.
      ¡¡Yo estoy muy orgullosa de ti!!
      I am very proud of you!!

      Visit and call my Google Voice # at 773-236-2771 or post here if you have any other questions.

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