21 thoughts on “Spanish Numbers – 1-100 and more [ Translator & Infographic ]

  1. Zakeyah Dunbar

    ¡Hola! Josiah_Savage19

  2. josiah_savage19

    hola zakeyah

  3. Zakeyah Dunbar

    The question is bound to be answered: What is the origin of Sassy Floof :’) ?

    1. Your recent post is NOT in SPANISH so it will NOT be approved.

  4. josiah_savage


    nose – i dont know
    su – you
    como sedice – how do you say it
    que te gusta hsacer – what do you like to do
    hasta manana – see you tommorow

    dibujar – to draw
    decir – to say
    hacerto do
    gustar – to like

    1. Even if you don’t know how to use the accent marks yet (I’ll post some tips if you let me know what computer that you’re using because the functions vary brand) YOU STILL NEED TO punctuate such as capitalization, etc.

    2. No se/tú/ ¿Cómo se dice?/¿Qué…?/mañana/…Be sure to place a space where appropriate in your comments.

    3. Great job!! ¡¡A qué buen un trabajo hizo!!

    4. Translations are all correct!! Note: Use tú instead of su for now… I’ll explain.

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