26 thoughts on “8 de mayo de 2018

    dile a Micah que venga-Tell Micah to come
    quiero ser un cientifico-i want to be a scientist
    me gusta ser amable-i like to be nice

  2. 1.Tu:Hoy es el trienta de marzo
    Pepe:Es lunes?
    tu:No,es sabado
    2.Tu:hoy es el trece de marzo
    Pepe:Es domingo ?
    Tu:No,es Jueves
    Tu:Hoy es el cinco de marzo today is the 5th of March
    Pepe:Es Jueves?Is it Thursday?
    Tu:No,es martes.No its Tuesday

  3. ”Hey mama reba it is meaghan” and malachi is still playing the game as allways. He does not stop when we come in the door he piays the game and he does that every day and i cant stop him i do not know. well bey bey mama reba

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