5 thoughts on “Mecca International Development’s Annual Holiday Dinner for Homeless Youth

  1. ooferman(unknown)

    I miss Allan, he was one of my best friends
    ¡ Extraño a Allan, era uno de mis mejores amigos!

  2. christa688993648

    los números (1-1000):
    10- ten- diez
    20- twenty- veinte
    30- thirty- treinta
    40- forty- cuarenta
    50- fifty- cincuenta
    60- sixty- sesenta
    70- seventy- setenta
    80- eighty- ochenta
    90- ninety- noventa
    100- one hundred- cien
    200- two hundred- doscientos
    300- three hundred- trescientos
    400- four hundred- cuatrocientos
    500- five hundred- quinientos
    600- six hundred- seiscientos
    700- seven hundred- setecientos
    800- eight hundred- ochocientos
    900- nine hundred- novecientos
    1,000- one thousand- mil

    1. Please share tips to help new Spanish language learners for using the Spanish Date format??? ; )

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