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Notas: 28 de enero de 2019G

Gracias por su correción Christa y Josiah…no. 1 “¿Qué te gusta hacer?”

Jan. 25, 2019

Homework Activity Step #1-

Study this vocabulary list if you did not score an “A” or “B” and also if you were absent so that I can schedule a “re-take”. You only get 1 (one) re-take for a higher score on a test.


“A test is to measure mastery and is necessary for academic progress.”…rsb1.27.19

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Step #2-

Choose a study partner and create a brief conversation about Activities using the list provided from our class notes pictured above. Sample questions and responses are on the board.


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Study this new vocabulary list in preparation for next week’s lessons (Feb 04, 2019-Feb. 08, 2019). ¡Se divertirse!


Credit to the Realidades and contributors.