Spanish Midterm Test Results…

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I am offering an opportunity to you for self empowerment and a chance to develop and grow in order to broaden your horizons and market your skills and talent for guaranteed success!! I have serviced organizations such as the Youth Connection (An Illinois Teen Reach Program), New Foundation of Hope, faith based institutions and several programs within the Chicago Public Schools as a Contracted Consultant. As a consultant I train parents and community residents of Chicago Public School students to teach their children and youth skills such as English Literacy, Spanish as a Second Language, Violence Prevention/Intervention Solutions in order to empower the youth of our future so to enable them to grow up to become productive and responsible adults who will contribute great things to the world.. By educating the adults in our youths' lives I am also able to empower them with the tools to Bridge the Generational Divide, Bridge the Digital Divide and Bridge the Cultural Divide among individual communities in many diverse communities within the City of Chicago. The foundation of my purpose in creating my programs of instruction is to empower you to empower others starting with the youth around you thus giving them the tools necessary to explore the world without fear. In my courses I help you to overcome fear barriers to learning a second language or practicing advanced strategies to communicate your native language effectively. I look forward to working with you as your Life Learning Coach as you embark on gaining excellent language communication skills!! Te amo.

8 thoughts on “Spanish Midterm Test Results…


    1a) I know all my legal terms for law.

    1b) Conozco todos mis términos legales para la ley.

    2a) I ate at 12 o’clock.

    2b) Comí a las 12 en punto.

    3a) I would eat the fruit salad if I had the opportunity.

    3b) Comería la ensalada de frutas si tuviera la oportunidad.

    4a) I would wash my dresses but, I do not know how to do it.

    4b) Me lavaría los vestidos pero, no sé cómo hacerlo.

    5a) I would give my crossword to Mama Jayla, but I can not find the last five words.

    5b) Le daría mi crucigrama a Mama Jayla, pero no puedo encontrar las últimas cinco palabras.

  2. 1) Me gusta dibujar.: I like to draw
    2) Te gustan dibujar? : You like to draw?
    3) Non, me gusta correr. : I don’t like to run.
    4) Non te gustan correr? : You don’t like to run?
    5) Non, non me gusta nadar. : No, I don’t like to swim.
    6) Non, non te gustan nadar? : No, you don’t like to swim?
    7) Te gusta comer sandía. : You like to eat watermelon.
    8) Te gusta comer fresas? : Do you like to eat strawberries?
    9) Non, te gusta comiendo fresas. : You don’t like eating strawberries.
    10) Non, non, te gusta comiendo fresas. : No, you don’t like strawberries.

  3. – Creo que el examen de mitad de período fue muy fácil, así que gracias por eso
    -Yo personalmente creo que podría haber sido un poco más difícil dado el hecho de que todas las
    cosas que hemos pasado este semestre
    -También creo que podríamos de pasar más cosas en lugar de sólo vocabulario y Conjugación de verbos

  4. Google Translator: Hola mama reba perdon por no publicar en un par de semanas.
    Now im going to post the difdernt wordings.
    Microsoft: Hola mama Reba sentimos por no publicar en aproximadamente un par de semanas.
    SDL: Hola mamá reba siento no haber publicado en un par de semanas.
    Promt: hola madre reba lamentable de no fijar en aproximadamente un par de semanas
    Transltion: Hi Mama Reba sorry for nor poating in about a couple of weeks

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