Hey guys!! Our GoFundMe Campaign is here!!

Originally posted on c.h.i.m.e.4peace movement ~>Black Youth Metropolis Enterprises:
Hello Chime4Peace friends!! Stop by our newest center collaborate at Transcending Youth Into Greatness (TYIG) located at 2339 W. Marquette Road on tomorrow and join in the fun learning activities!! First things first…please donate at least $1.00 to our cause…

Spanish Student Activities: Los estudiantes son muy inteligentes!!

This is an elementary student who lives in Rockford, Illinois. S.W. took immediate interest when I inboxed a message to Her to relay to her madre. Her madre is my younger cousin and I am super proud of how She has groomed Her children for the continual life learning process and a successful life!! IContinue reading “Spanish Student Activities: Los estudiantes son muy inteligentes!!”