A Word Of Encouragement for Black Youth

Visit Good Spirit Café and give ear to a “Mother’s Cry”… Te amo

Redeeming Church of Christ Church Women’s Conference 2000…trouble in paradise and with my fourth child and then soon to be third born. Evangelist Denise Mathews prayed for me as I offered an apology for my demeanor, gave me a word from God regarding my concerns for my unborn child and told me that all of my three Sons would be able to endure all that God allowed them to go through. I didn’t want the baby to be a boy out of my concerns for what I saw in the spirit regarding black boys which has now come into fruition but God has been faithful.

Thank you my dear friend for your encouragement and stepping aside from the masses to join us and support me in my ministry to black boys…Agradecio mucho… Te amo

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She Don’t Even Have A Clue

Navigating Relationships


I watch her when she is sleeping admiring the peacefulness that surrounds her yet she don’t even have a clue. She dosn’t have a clue how much I love her or the feeling I get from the nearness of her. She fulfills me in every capacity. She dosn’t have a clue that she feels my dreams at night and that seeing her face is the highlight of my day. No she don’t even have a clue that when I see her smile I feel a sense of amazement that not any of the greatest wonders of the world could produce. Wow, she don’t even have a clue but you can bet that I’m going to spend the rest of my life making sure that she do.

Written By: Larry D. Miller

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