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Learn To Speak Spanish Easy, Fun & Fast!! Reba La Maestra…"Teaching Life's Lessons Learned…They're not all mine but they need to be taught!!"


C.H.I.M.E. Membership Overview:

At Employment Resources And Childcare Network Inc., NFP, we continue to create innovative ways to support youth and small businesses by sharing our resources and opportunities for growth and community development.  Our mission is to restore the vitality of families surviving crisis such as traumas caused by violence, loss of a child or parent, loss of employment income, civil or human rights violations, homelessness and hopelessness.</strongimage

C.H.I.M.E. Membership affords you access to additional opportunities to support other small businesses by role modeling for aspiring young professionals within their career choice fields who will be matched to your business and entrepreneurship, entertainment or education leadership structure. With your help youth will have a viable access to successful and positive leadership within our communities at large. 


C.H.I.M.E. Youth will “shadow” an entrepreneur, entertainer or educator who sponsors them and shares insights of their career fields as well as the pro’s and con’s for better success rates for youth interns stemming from the positive roles that are modeled by the professional. Youth will learn to take advantage of a viable network of various youth services while extending business support through collaborations, business-to-business partnerships, networks and linkage agreements. Thus reducing violence among youth by but not limited to the following goals: Sponsorship from business owners/ professionals in their career fields. Youth support Sponsors through business promotio

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>Quarterly fundraising events including our “Fun Fridays” Resource Fairs and other supports include assistance with business or strategic plan. Currently in partnership with Chicago Public Schools &a

mp; more!



~Guided research on career field & business plan presentations. ~Demonstrate skills in “Building Blocks For Hope” Literacy Program& Spanish via
~Unique Field Trips to companies, manufacturing plants, and more!!
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Students and families can participate in collecting the 1500 2 liter plastic bottles to build this cool Eco Greenhouse!! Students can earn their needed service learning hours in this community activity. (See registration page)

Click here to donate or register for a class via secure PayPal!!

New collectors…Let’s make it happen!!

Current collectors… Keep collecting!!

Muchas Gracias,

Reba La Maestra… Te amo!

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