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Learn To Speak Spanish Easy, Fun & Fast!! Reba La Maestra…"Teaching Life's Lessons Learned…They're not all mine but they need to be taught!!"

Employment Resources And Childcare Network Inc., NFP Partners

Bogan Title 1 Chairwoman Reba Brown and Vice Chairwoman Jertisian Mitchell


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19 thoughts on “Employment Resources And Childcare Network Inc., NFP Partners

  1. Power tumbling instructor looking to help form our children’s health by applying power tumbling along with fitness training for a stronger generation.

  2. Lil Johnnie’s Student Workbook. I love this work book mainly because it tells about the urban books and the picture in the book that “Arnold Korn Kroak” drew I could tell everything that the person has been through from the picture.

    1. Thanks for your comment on your reading activities in the LJM Student Workbook!! What is your favorite story and what lesson was taught that you could share with other youth as you grow and learn to become a Lil Johnnie Story teller? Would you recommend this Literacy and Conflict Resolution program to other youth groups, churches or schools? Why or why not?

  3. Today in mama Reba’s class we did greetings and learned new words I love this class can’t wait until Monday. Adioś

  4. Hello, Mama Reba I would love to learn more information about the childcare and/or action for children subsidy. I would also like to know what employment opportunities do you currently have available. I love what you are doing amongst the black and Latino youth, keep it up!

  5. Hola Mama Reba! The restaurant has Mexican food. It is Flacos Tacos. Right under Granville red line. It’ll be on google maps. Good food!

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