ABOUT…Reba LaMaestra: 3530 S. Indiana Ave., Chgo., Il 60636 (773)449-8839

Our initial time and efforts to implement a foundation for success started with Reba La Maestra=Reba The Teacher…teaching Spanish as a Second Language with an emphasis on English Literacy, Employment Training, CPS Parent Education, Conflict Resolution and Violence Prevention and Intervention Strategies in Chicago Public School Programs, churches and community organizations in order to effectively maximize increasing English Literacy Skills, build self-esteem, increase critical thinking skills, cognitive development and the various additional benefits of bilingualism and strategic career exploration.

This unique approach also affords students youth and adults alike the ability to market themselves better exemplifying excellence as they begin to master second language acquisition skills to promote job and entrepreneurial skills during personal development.

Since the CHIME4PEACE program’s inception to focus more in depth on youth violence prevention and intervention services we’ve held special events and have begun a movement to employ experienced sponsor “role models” or “professional models” who benefit from being a role model and career coach for aspiring talented youth who promote their sponsor’s business as well as their own projects, assist with tasks in daily operations of their sponsor’s business and thus learn through “real world” experience how to build successful careers.


provides community programs, faith-based institutions and educational institutions with a wide range of quality professional development and employment training services along with a diverse team of experienced consultants in an array of areas of career instruction. These services are customized to meet client requirements. We are a growing leader in the fields of cultural immersion language training, document translation and many other professional development courses. Our program is unique in that we provide the ultimate cultural immersion experience with our English as a Second Language (ESL), English Literacy and Spanish as a Second Language (SSL) courses currently being taught in select Chicago area schools for staff and parent professional development and enrichment activities for at-risk youth.


Training Program Highlights…

On-site Group Instruction

Initial Candidate Assessment/ Scheduled Self Assessment

Intensity Tutoring/Peer Tutoring

Flexible Frequency Training -1(One) Hour with 15 min Q&A @ 2 (Two) Days weekly

Regular Program Evaluations by participants

Moderate/Maximum Intensity Training

19 thoughts on “ABOUT…Reba LaMaestra: 3530 S. Indiana Ave., Chgo., Il 60636 (773)449-8839

  1. Hello, I wanted more details about the scholarship. I’m currently taking classes for nursing and would appreciate the help. Thanks.


    1. Great news Samara!! We have a new location on the Southwest side of Chicago and you can join any one of our classes on your Medical Spanish Professional Scholarship!!


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