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Reba La Maestra ~~Reba The Teacher…”Teaching Life’s Lessons Learned”… They’re not all mine but they need to be taught!!…te amo

Our vision is to create a multilingual-multiskilled society of peaceful and responsible youth via C.H.I.M.E.4Peace (Cultural History Immersion Model in Entrepreneurship, Entertainment & Educational Endeavors) among our future generations within the inner city by becoming their tangible role models as they pursue their life’s endeavors.

Our Chime Biz Youth Network members perform and/ or display their developing talents at agency or “model” business sponsored events in order to fundraise in support of our mission. We invite you and others to join our movement and help to create an atmosphere of cultural harmony in our world thus a “Chime4Peace”… Te amo.

Join The C.H.I.M.E BIZ TEAM!! (Cultural History Immersion Model in Entrepreneurship, Entertainment & Educational Endeavors)

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Our initial time and efforts to implement a foundation for success started with Reba LaMaestra=Reba The Teacher…teaching Spanish as a Second Language with an emphasis on English Literacy, Entrepreneurship & Employment Training, CPS Parent Education, Conflict Resolution, Critical Thinking and Violence Prevention and Intervention Strategies in Chicago Public School Programs, churches and community organizations in order to effectively maximize increasing English Literacy Skills, build self-esteem, increase critical thinking skills, cognitive development and the various additional benefits of bilingualism and strategic career exploration.

This unique approach also affords students youth and adults alike the ability to market themselves better exemplifying excellence as they begin to master second language acquisition skills to promote job and entrepreneurial skills during personal development.

Since the CHIME4PEACE program’s inception we’ve held events and have begun a movement to employ experienced sponsor “role models” or “professional role models” who will benefit from being a role model and career coach for aspiring talented youth who will promote their sponsor’s business as well as their own projects, assist in daily operations of their sponsors and learn through “real world” experience how to build successful careers.

Our list of clients is constantly growing!!

  • New Foundation of Hope Youth Agency-Spanish, Tutoring and Administrative Support
  • Cook Elementary School- Spanish/Conflict Resolution for 21st Century Grantee:SGA Youth & Family Services
  • Hampton Fine And Performing Arts Elementary School-Spanish Pilot Program for Parent Leaders-2006, Title 1 Parent Education Volunteers-2006 to Present
  • Bogan High School-Title 1 Parent Education Volunteers-2010 to Present
  • Repairer of the Breach Ministries-Summer Nutrition Program Implementation as a Sponsored Site, Summer Camp and Employment Training leading to summer jobs for Summer Nutrition Workers
  • Markette Elementary School-Dual Language Instruction for Parents and Community (Eng/Span)
  • CPS School Sponsored Vendor Fairs and Conference participants at Dunbar, Kenwood, Harper, Gage Park showcasing parent and student entrepreneurial skills.
  • Greater Ashburn Community-Created a landscape program model for youth self-sufficiency & violence prevention  in 2014
  • NEW!! In 2016-2017!!
  • N’krumah Academy-Spanish
  • Little Black Pearl Art And Design Academy-Spanish Entrepreneurship in the Arts Role Model
  • More!! (See our sister page at Employment Resources and Childcare Network Partners) or See our Registration Page in the menu to the left of this page at top right and take a fun and exciting class with us!!

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